Taped Packaging

By January 8, 2018News

We supply a range of taped products which help to speed up packing processes and improve the end-user’s unpacking experience.

Take a look below at the types of taped products we can offer.


Release Tape

Release tape can be applied to products to provide a clean, swift and easy adhesive seal.

As shown in the image, this tape can either overhang the edge of the box or not, based on customer preference. Some of our customers prefer the overhanging tape as it can speed up the packing process.



Rippa Tape vs Rippa Rule

We can supply products with ‘ripper’ capabilities, either using a perforated rippa strip or by applying red rippa tape. This enables the end user to swiftly and effortlessly open a sealed product.



Three Lines of Tape

Our ingenious machinery can apply three lines of tape at a time, meaning we can offer this premium product at extremely competitive prices.

This allows our customers to send out securely sealed products which can then be equally securely returned if necessary, without the need for additional packaging.



To find out more visit our websites at www.reedbut.com and www.reedbutppd.com or alternatively contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help.